12 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content From An Old Blog Post

12 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content From An Old Blog Post

When you invest in a content marketing strategy, you will want to get the most value and mileage out of your content as possible. Don’t let a great piece of content be a one-hit wonder. Here are 12 creative ways to repurpose content from your old blog posts to keep your best content alive.

For the best results, find out what pieces of content have performed the best for your business and repurpose those pieces first. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to search for your domain and see your top socially shared content and Google Analytics to see your top visited pages using the All Pages report under Site Content in the Behavior section.

1. Update a blog post and repost it on your blog.

One of the easiest ways to repurpose an old blog post is to update it  and repost it on your blog. An update should include refreshing the images, making sure the information is current, and optimizing the title of the post. When reposting, you will want to keep the original URL for SEO purposes or create a new post and add a link to the old post directing visitors to the newer one.

2. Update a blog post and submit it as a guest contribution on another blog.

This will require a little more updating as you will want to create a unique piece of content for your guest contribution. In addition to refreshing the images, making sure the information is current, and creating a brand new title, you will want to add a few new paragraphs or sections to the post. The goal is to not have to think of a whole new idea, but to reinvent an old idea into a new one.

3. Break a list post into detailed, smaller posts.

Did you write an awesome list post of the top 50 tools you use for this or the 25 best ways to do that? Take the paragraph or two that you wrote for each item in the list and expand it into some short posts on each of those items. Then link the new posts back to the main list and the list items to the new posts.

4. Take a lengthy post and break it into a series on LinkedIn Publisher.

If you have LinkedIn Publisher, or the ability to post blog posts to your LinkedIn professional profile, you need to take advantage of it sooner than later. Until they change the settings, LinkedIn will notify everyone in your network that you have published a new post. So take your older, lengthy posts off of your blog, break them up into a series, and start posting them on LinkedIn.

5. Compile your top posts into a list post.

At the end of each month, you can compile a list of your top posts for a monthly recap. This gives you one extra post per month that is easy to create and drives traffic back to your older posts.

Example From When I Work: Our Top Posts For Bosses and Managers

6. Compile posts on a similar theme and turn them into an ebook.

Ebooks can be great to give away for free to build your email list or to publish as a Kindle book to tap into the Amazon audience. Find older blog posts that all fit a specific theme and compile them into an ebook.

7. Turn posts on a similar theme into an email series.

Assuming you don’t give them away as the lead magnet, you can take a series of older posts on your blog and turn them into a series for your email list.

8. Turn a tutorial post into a video.

If you enjoy writing tutorials, consider using your tutorials as scripts for videos. You can add the videos to the tutorial posts for those who would prefer to watch than read. You can also add a link to the tutorial post everywhere you distribute the video for those who would prefer to read than watch.

9. Turn a thought piece into a podcast.

For posts that don’t need a lot of visual accompaniment, you can use them as a script for a podcast. This repurposing will allow you to tap into the iTunes audience. You can also add a link to the podcast to your post for those who prefer to listen than read.

10. Take comments from a controversial post and argue them in a new post.

You don’t only have to rely on the content you create on your blog for repurposing. Consider repurposing lively discussions in your blog post comments to create new content. If you replied to the comments when they were originally posted, all you have to do is reformat the comments and the replies into Q&A style.

11. Take main points from a blog post and turn them into a presentation for SlideShare.

If you are comfortable creating presentations, you can take the main points from your old blog posts and turn them into a presentation that you can upload to SlideShare. You could even turn that presentation into a webinar.

12. Take data from a blog post and turn it into an infographic.

You don’t need to be a designer to make an infographic. Tools like Piktochart allow you to plug information from your old blog posts into templates. Add the infographic to your old post or in a new one along with some embed code to create new, linkbaitable content.

By repurposing your content, you will not only get more bang for your content marketing buck, but you will also get the chance to increase exposure for your business with new audiences!