Listen For Your Message

What happens when you read your writing out loud before you hit publish or send?

You hear your own voice in the literal sense, yes, but it also allows you to do something else.

It allows you to ensure that your voice—that is, your unique personality—is actually coming through in your writing too.

Without Voice (with a capital V), anything you write becomes fairly unmemorable to your readers. All you’re doing is creating more noise. A drop in the bucket.

It’s like walking through an immense library full of seemingly identical books with no covers or titles or summaries and trying to pick one to check out and take with you.

Voice is all about humanity. It’s how you connect with readers and how they connect with you.

Facts are facts, they don’t change. But the way you share those facts can. That’s where Voice, Personality, and Style all come into play.

Not sure what your voice is or what you want it to be?

Here’s what I recommend:

Start reading everything out loud—don’t just silently go through the words in your head—take time to actually speak what you write out loud and listen to how the words sound. Listen for your message.

If it sounds boring to you, it’s going to be boring for everyone else to read.

Don’t be boring.

Be memorable.

Be impactful.

Be human.