Craft Messages From Your Phone

My biggest secret for anyone trying to become a better writer is this:

Craft more messages from your phone.


There’s something strange that happens when we open a Word doc or draft a new email from our computers…

Suddenly we all become writers of research papers.

We write sentences that are too long.

We use too many buzzwords and too much unnecessary workplace jargon.

We agonize over sentence structure and commas and grammatical rules and exclamation points.

And what ends up happening?

We get distracted from focusing on the one thing that actually matters: The message.

Your goal should never be to write a perfectly crafted email, blog article, or LinkedIn update.

Your goal should ALWAYS be to write a message that resonates with the person you’re communicating with.

To achieve that goal, you have to write like you talk.

Don’t write a textbook. Write like you’re having a conversation with the person on the other end—because you are.

Have you ever had a really intense conversation with someone over text? You don’t care about things like grammar, you care about making your point.

So here’s my tip: the next time you need to write something important, start by drafting your message from your phone. You can always refine it from your computer later.