Communicating Change

What’s the best way to communicate change inside an organization?

I’m reading a great book by Joep Cornelissen that outlines the 5 strategies most leadership teams use.

Here’s my summary:

1. Spray and Pray – Leadership gives employees all the details, big and small, and trusts that they will sort it out themselves and determine how it will impact their day-to-day.

2. Tell and Sell – Leadership provides employees with key messaging about a change and attempts to sell them on the approach.

3. Underscore and Explore – Leadership surfaces fundamental issues with employees and works with them to understand the implications of potential change within the organization. Communication isn’t finalized until leadership understands how people will react and can create content to address potential concerns upfront.

4. Identify and Reply – Employees have the best idea of how change will impact day-to-day operations. They bring concerns about critical issues to leaders and leaders respond in a way that provides context on the bigger picture.

5. Withhold and Uphold – Leadership avoids sharing information until the last possible moment. They assume employees can’t grasp the big picture or don’t actually need to know the why behind a change.

Which strategy does your company use?