7 Best Ideation Tools For Coming Up With Stellar Blog Topics

7 Best Ideation Tools For Coming Up With Stellar Blog Topics

Do you have trouble coming up with great things to blog about? Don’t worry, everyone at some point does. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tools you can use to get the topics ideas flowing again. Here are the seven best types of tools to use for coming up with stellar blog topics.

Keyword Research Tools

If you just need a keyword phrase to spark an idea, keyword research tools should do the trick. Since I write about content marketing, I could put in the phrase “content strategy” and get 700+ related keyword ideas from Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner.

I could also enter content strategy into Ubersuggest and see the suggestions that Google offers when someone starts typing in content strategy.

Between these two free tools, I could find hundreds of blog topic ideas. Best of all, I will already have great keyword phrases to optimize each blog post with since both tools reveal keyword phrases that users search.

Topic Generators

Of course, just because you have a great keyword phrase doesn’t mean you have a great headline. If you’re struggling to come up with great headlines, topic generators will help you out. HubSpot offers a free topic generator that will create titles around up to three keyword phrases.

If you sign up for the form below the first five suggestions, you’ll get many more emailed to you. Considering the popularity of HubSpot’s own blog, you’ll be headlines that use formulas that are proven to be successful.

Q&A Forums

If you like answering questions – in the form of blog posts – then people who participate in Q&A (question and answer) networks will inspire you with great topic ideas. Depending on your niche, you should be able to find lots of great questions on sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, StackExchange, and even Reddit.

If you can write blog posts quickly, you can answer one of the questions that inspire you with your blog post. That way, content inspiration leads to content promotion.

For those niches that aren’t covered by these Q&A networks, you can use forums for inspiration. Mom bloggers can find hundreds of questions for inspiration in the BabyCenter community.

Consumer Surveys

In addition to attracting new readers to your blog, you want to keep the readers you have coming back for more. So how do you do that? Ask them what topics they want to see you cover on your blog. Consumer survey tools like Google Consumer Insights, Qualaroo, and Qeryz.

Depending on the tool you use, you can have your survey question popup up in the bottom left or right corner of your blog. Or, you can position your survey at a specific point in your content to engage active readers.

Social Media

If you want a blog post that will perform well on social media, you should use social media to research the best topics. BuzzSumo allows you to search for the most popular content in the past year on a specific topic.

You can sort the results by a specific social network to find out which topics performed best on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+. This tactic would be useful for businesses that know that they get the most conversions from LinkedIn visitors. Those businesses could find out what headline formulas and content types perform best with LinkedIn audiences.

The goal in this case is to create a better piece of content than the one that was most popular. Your content should have an even better headline and more valuable content. Then you can view the sharers of the content that inspired you and see if they would be interested in promoting your post.

Blog Feeds

Monitoring blog posts by the top blogs in your niche will help inspire you to great blog topics. You don’t even have to read the posts for the most part – just watch the headlines. Subscribing to the top blogs in your niche using tools like Feedly will help you get the latest news in one place.

You can use the number indicator next to each post to see it’s popularity in relation to other posts on the site. You can also use the search when curating blog posts on a specific topic.

If you don’t have time to subscribe to the top industry blogs, you can use sites like Alltop [http://alltop.com/]. Alltop aggregates the top blogs on topics ranging from accounting to zoology.

Find the topic that matches your niche on Alltop, copy the URL, and add /rss/ to the end of the URL to get its RSS feed. Add that RSS feed in Feedly to see the latest posts by all blogs on that topic page. It’s a quick way to subscribe to over a dozen popular blogs in your niche.

Your Customers

While your customers are not tools, your customers can be a huge source of great blog post inspiration. Since you are ultimately creating content to attract customers to your business and keep customers loyal to your business, writing content with them in mind is ideal.

Talk to everyone in your company that deals with your customers from sales to support. Each person will likely be able to tell you some questions that they have heard over and over again from customers. These are great questions to use to inspire your blog content.

For larger companies, you may be able to break up the content into different categories based on the types of questions your customers ask. They could range from content about your industry as a whole, content that helps your customers with challenges not related to your products or services, support content for your products, and sales content to promote your services.

It’s a win on both sides – you will have more to blog about, and your customers will have more reasons to visit your blog!