29 Proven Copywriting Tips You Can Use To Convert More Customers

29 Proven Copywriting Tips You Can Use To Convert More Customers

Are your landing pages converting visitors into customers? If not, the copy on those pages might be to blame. Here are 29 proven copywriting tips that will help you increase conversions on your website.

1. Write for people.

This one should be obvious, but sometimes we get so immersed into search optimization that we forget about something that is more important for conversions: people optimization. Yes, you need to optimize for search. Otherwise, you won’t have traffic to convert. But if your copy doesn’t sound natural, it’s not going to convert as well. Read yours aloud to make sure it sounds good for humans.

2. Get specific.

Create multiple landing pages and write copy that focuses on a specific product or service and how it helps specific customers. Dell created over 1,000 landing pages for specific purposes and increased their conversion rates by 300%.

3. Speak to one person.

Writing your copy focused on one person as opposed to a larger, general audience helps you build a relationship with your prospective customer.

4. Focus on the headline.

Your landing page’s headline is the first thing that a visitor is going to read. Only 2 out of 10 people make it past your headline. Test your headlines again and again using tools like Visual Website Optimizer to choose a conversion winner.

5. Define your unique selling point.

One of the top mistakes made on landing pages is leaving out the USP. Make sure that people know what makes your product – and your business – stand out from your competitors.

6. Put the important stuff first.

Statistics show that 55% of visitors spend an average of 15 seconds on your page before they bounce. Assume that your visitor might not get beyond the first paragraph before wanting to leave. Think about what you can put in that first paragraph to keep them around.

7. Craft a story.

Highlight the benefits of your products and services in a way that readers will want to consume by weaving them into stories.

8. Focus on benefits, not features.

Benefits have a stronger impact on conversions than features.

9. Convert features to benefits.

If you have a hard time writing benefits, use this approach to convert features into benefits.

10. Highlight benefits in list format.

Our brains love lists for a variety of reasons. Putting the benefits of your product or service in a list will help visitors consume and recall them easily.

11. Include numbers.

Numbers are powerful and can increase sales. Depending on your product or service, the numbers you include in your copy could number of users, number of downloads, number of reviews, number of pounds you’ve helped people lose, number of revenue you’ve helped generate, and so on.

12. Experiment with pronouns in calls to action.

The simplest changes, such as going from “create your account” to “create my account” can increase click-through rate by 90%. Of course, contradicting studies have shown going from “create my account” to “create account” can increase conversions by 38%. So it’s all about experimentation.

13. Write simply.

You can alienate readers by using words that go above a fifth grade reading level unless your product or service caters to a highly technical or academic customer base. You shouldn’t make visitors feel like you are talking down to them, but you also shouldn’t require them to need definitions for every other word on your page.

14. Get technical.

If you are aiming for a highly technical audience, get technical in your landing page copy. This approach will prove your expertise and increase consumer confidence in your product or service.

15. Avoid overused words.

Your prospective customers have likely come across plenty of state-of-the-art, best-in-class, next-generation products and services. Make your landing page stand out by avoiding overused, cliché, and borderline sleazy words and phrases.

16. Use power words.

Connect with visitors by creating emotion through the use of power words that invoke fear, encouragement, sexiness, controversy, safety, and satisfaction.

17. Create action-focused copy.

We don’t want to just put our customers at ease. We want them to feel like they must take action to achieve a result. One study found an increase of 38% when changing their headlines and copy to include action verbs.

18. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

The recommended average word count per sentence ranges from 15 – 25 words, depending on what resource you consult. You should keep paragraphs under four to five lines.

19. Increase readability.

79% of visitors to your page will skim the content while only 16% will read it all the way through. Increase readability with meaningful subheadings, bold keywords, one idea per paragraph, and bulleted lists.

20. Create perceived ownership.

Write your copy in a way that helps your visitor experience the feeling of getting results from your product or service.

21. Create a sense of urgency or scarcity.

Psychology proves that letting people know that an offer won’t last forever increases the likelihood that they will buy.

22. Let others write your copy.

Include testimonials and reviews from your customers. Social proof is proven to increase conversions. Make sure that your social proof is highly relevant to your product or service.

23. Overcome your customers’ objections.

Don’t let a visitor leave your page without making a purchase because they decided that they could do things just as well on their own or that your solution wouldn’t work for them. Include copy that overcomes those and other common objections to close the sale.

24. Add live chat to counter objections.

What’s better than static copy? How about dynamic copy that answers questions in real time. Try adding a live chat to your landing pages so that people can get answers to the questions that determine whether or not they make a purchase. One company found that live chat improved their conversion rate by 211%.

25. Add a guarantee.

Adding a guarantee to a product landing page has been shown to increase conversion by 41% and overall order value by 6%.

26. Include the price.

Are your prices top secret? Simply adding your price to your landing page can increase lead signups by 100%.

27. Test the small stuff.

Especially when related to pricing, experiment with different phrases. Changing “a $5 fee” to “a small $5 fee” resulted in a 20% increase in conversions.

28. Proofread your copy.

If you can’t get someone else to do it, use editors like Grammar.ly to ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct. Errors can be distractions, and you don’t want your visitors to get distracted from your page’s purpose and call to action. In addition, lack of attention to detail on your landing page will make customers feel that the same lack of attention could apply to your products and services as well.

29. Write copy in the form of a video script.

Video has been shown to increase the conversion rate of a landing page by 86% in case studies. In addition to writing the copy on your landing page, write a version of it that can be used in video.

What other tips have worked for you? Leave a comment for me below.